Friday, 7 November 2014

Kalrea's Legacy Excerpt: Chapter One

Kalrea’s Legacy will be released on the 21st Nov 2014. Kalrea’s Legacy is the 3rd book in the Aurora Saga, but if you haven’t read The Aurora or Immortality for Life don’t worry because Kalrea’s Legacy can still be enjoyed as a standalone story.

Excerpt: Chapter One

    The leaves of a Yerl tree, full of orange blossom, were rustling in a light breeze. The tree was in full sunlight at the center of a secluded courtyard, which was surrounded by a green tinted glass-clad single-story mansion, the residence of Lord Migual.
    Kneeling on the immaculately cut blue grass beneath the tree, with her hands firmly handcuffed behind her back by a magnogenic restraint, was a woman who looked about eighteen years old. Her long yellow evening dress was torn and stained with blood; her bruised face was pale and drained of all energy, and her short jet-black hair was unsightly. The woman’s name was Rakeal.
    Rakeal stared down at the polished black boots of Lord Rico standing in front of her, while she could feel the presence of her executioner pacing nervously around behind her.
    Lord Rico was holding a jet-black watch-like device in his hand. He thrust it in front of her face and said, ‘I’ll ask you one more time. How did you manage to use this telementor to mess up my brother’s mind?’
    Rakeal ignored him, turning her head away from the telementor.
    ‘Look at me!’ he shouted at her.
    The man behind her gripped the hair on the back of her head, pulling it roughly downwards and forcing her to look up to Lord Rico.
    She grinned at him before saying, ‘Why don’t you put it on, then you’ll find out.’
    ‘The retinal scan couldn’t tell us who you are. So, who are you?’ Lord Rico said.
    ‘I’m your worst nightmare,’ Rakeal replied.
    ‘Wrong answer!’
    Lord Rico punched her in the face.
    ‘My brother is an immortal Xangol, like me, but now look at him,’ he said pointing towards an open door behind Rakeal. ‘He didn’t deserve to be lobotomized for the rest of his existence.’
    ‘Your deceitful brother-’
    Lord Rico punched her again, and then said, ‘It’s Lord Migual, to scum like you.’
    Rakeal stared at him with hate in her eyes. ‘Then, Lord Migual got what he deserved,’ she said with revulsion. ‘I’ve done what I came here to do and you’re going to kill me anyway, so why don’t you get this over with?’
    ‘She’s not going to tell you anything,’ the other man behind her said, ‘so let me put this piece of garbage out of her misery.’
    ‘Sure. No one’s going to miss someone who doesn’t exist.’
    Lord Rico nodded to the other man, who then released his grip on her hair to take his railgun and press its cold barrel up against the back of her head. She closed her eyes. She knew then that she was about to die and readied herself for the inevitable sound that would be the last thing she will ever hear.

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