Friday, 5 September 2014

Kalrea's Legacy completed

Kalrea’s Legacy, the 3rd book in the Aurora Saga, has now been completed and is currently being proof-read, so I hope to publish in October this year. If you have not read, The Aurora or Immortality for Life, Kalrea’s Legacy can still be enjoyed as a standalone story.

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Aurora

A few images of the Aurora modelled in Blender, war-ship configuration from the Aurora Saga, book 1.

Friday, 7 June 2013

New Book Covers

I've been wanting, for some time now, to get the Aurora onto the covers of my first two books. Well finally, I've managed to model it in Blender, so here they are. Hope to get some more images up soon, for those who may be interested in what it looks like.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Update: Kalrea's Legacy (Aurora Saga)

Here is the draft cover for my third book, Kalrea’s Legacy. It is the 3rd book in the Aurora Saga, where you can find out what happen to the Aurora after Kalrea's death.

Immortality for Life (Aurora Saga)

Published Jul 2012.

Book 2 in the Aurora Saga.
How much is person’s life worth? You may say it’s priceless, but what if that life could give you immortality.

Zoren is a teenage Agonian boy, who lives on a space station in orbit around his homeworld, Linud. However, nothing is what it seems, the space station or what happened to his planet, and Zoren’s world is suddenly shattered when they are attacked and all his people are taken. He is left for dead, but is saved by Kalrea, an artificial intelligence. She tells him the shocking truth as to why his people were taken, and they form an unlikely alliance to try and find them before they are sacrificed. But can they save any of them and at what price…?

Immortality for Life is available in many ebook formats, including paperback via CreateSpace. It is approximately 89,000 words.

Createspace ISBN-10: 1477479139

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Aurora (Aurora Saga) - My first book

The Aurora is a science fiction adventure written for Young Adults, but is perfect for anyone who likes this genre. It is a cocktail of action and drama, mixed with a healthy helping of romance.

Londuo is a Qinant teenager. She is stranded in Colorado, USA, sixteen thousand light years from home after the spaceship Aurora is destroyed. The year is 1964.

Meanwhile in 2019, James is living in the English countryside and thinks he is just a normal teenager. However, his mother has kept a secret from him, one that will change his life and ultimately the fate of his race.

As teenagers, Londuo and James’ paths have crossed before, in a timeline where every world in the galaxy is under threat. Time was supposed to have been rewritten, but yet it seems they are destined to meet again.

After the untimely death of his mother, James discovers that he is not human, in fact, he is Qinant. He starts a journey into space in search of his people and discovers that his home world has been destroyed by the Treitans. He meets an inseparable and inestimable travel mate, Kalrea, and the love of his life, Londuo. Together they fight against the Treitans. But are the Treitans their real enemies…?

The Aurora is available in many ebook formats, including paperback via Amazon. It is approximately 104,000 words.

Createspace ISBN-10: 1466396849
Smashwords ISBN: 9781466013940

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